25 Years of Building Relationships

Tusing Builders was started in 1998 by Jason Tusing, who is currently still serving the company as President, inspiring leader, teammate and even friend. The company will be celebrating 25 years of business this year. Tusing has handcrafted, “Team Tusing,” comprised of competent, passionate, hardworking employees, many of which have stuck around for quite some time. He takes pride in who he works with. “With,” being a key word as the company president focuses on working alongside his employees rather than taking the view from above.

When asked about what Tusing defines as work he replied, “I’ve never worked.” Tusing elaborated that he has never worked because he is always enjoying and focusing on his passions and dreams. Therefore, emphasizing that, Tusing, although successful, is extremely humble – in fact, being humble is one of his many keys to success. He contributes his success and growth to three main values: transparency, honesty, and integrity. These values are seen throughout the company and every single worker. “Admit your faults, you’ll succeed more than those charging for it … learn from it and move on,” Tusing said after being asked about some of his takeaways after 25 years of business.

At this point, we know that building the construction and roofing company from the ground up has been hard work for the President and everyone involved. Tusing names one of his biggest obstacles as, “proving to someone you could do a large project.” But that first big job is just as impressive as the bigger and better jobs Tusing Builders pursues nowadays. Tusing made sure to comment on the “validation and gratification of seeing your work, even from the 2000’s,” when the business was new.

Tusing knows that he isn’t the only one solely responsible for how far the company has come today. One of Tusing’s most important aspects of the business’s growth is, “To be able to delegate to competent employees which allowed the business to grow under the same original values.”

“A good job done takes a year to get around but a bad job, everyone knows in a months’ time.”

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but for Tusing, a few select people served as role models for his attitude and work ethic. Namely, Karla Tusing, Bob Wilhelm, and Kevin Peacock, amongst others. Phrases such as, “don’t quit,” “work ethic,” and “earning it,” were extremely prevalent in the conversation.

Alongside advice about finding your passion, Tusing encourages those looking to start or grow their business to hire competent people, take time to smell the roses, and build relationships.

Congratulations to Jason Tusing and all involved in the success of Tusing Builders in 25 years of Building Relationships.