3 Considerations for Commercial Property Renovation

3 Considerations for Commercial Property Renovation

Commercial properties need regular maintenance and renovation. The structure may require serious updates to help it last for a long time. However, renovating such a big property isn’t easy. Here’s what your home remodeling experts want you to consider before you start renovating a commercial property.


Know Before You Go

Before you even begin, it’s important to know the property. Reviewing the details of your commercial building can tell you what’s missing. By knowing what the problem is, you can plan the renovation more carefully. For example, updating the floor plan can answer storage issues.

Inspection of the Property Area

A professional inspection of your commercial construction is useful. With our help, you can spot other hidden issues. You might have overlooked a small leak in the roof or fading paint by the windows. Consulting with experts can help you solve more issues with the same project.

Review Certificates and Permits

If a property is being turned over to you, it’s important to keep it all legal. The last thing you want is to spend money on a lawsuit. Start off by making sure you have a proper certificate of occupancy (CO). This not only covers legal ownership, but also restrictions in the space. For example, you might not be able to turn an abandoned lot into a gym.

Once you finish sorting out occupancy, review the property. Aside from knowing the floor plan, you should also check existing violations, if there are any. For instance, if an AC unit is poorly or illegally installed, it could lead to damage to your structure and violation expenses.

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