5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

Reputable roofers in Cleveland, Ohio, like Tusing Builders and Roofing Services, have always espoused the value of regular roof maintenance and repair. However, some systems require more than just repair to ensure year-long protection. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a new roof, we recommend you check for the following signs:

Replace Your Roof

  1. Old age – Roof life spans differ per material. Some last up to 20 to 30 years, some even much longer. Roofs that are past their service life need replacement immediately. A new system ensures that your home stays protected from the elements all year long.

  2. Water stains on the ceiling – Ceiling stains are indicative of severe roof leaks. The bigger the stains, the worse leaks you have in your home. You can find the source of the leak by starting in the attic, at the same area where the stains are. Leaks rarely occur directly under a leak, so you might need to do more than a cursory attic inspection.

  3. Curling shingles – Asphalt shingles tend to curl over time as the asphalt layer separates from the backing material. Your shingles could either be cupping (shingles curling in the middle) or clawing (curling at the edges). Both should be fairly visible from the ground. If you see only a couple of curled shingles, we can fix that by replacing individual shingles. If it’s spread across a large part of the system, however, you’ll definitely need new roofing in Avon, Ohio.

  4. Missing and/or loose shingles – Strong winds can blow off the shingles from the roof. If many of them are missing or are becoming loose, call for a replacement right away.

  5. Granules in the gutters or runoff – A few granules found in the gutters or rainwater runoff is normal. However, a lot of granules in the runoff and on the gutters mean the asphalt has begun to come loose from the backing material. This will develop into “bald” shingles over time.

Tusing Builders and Roofing Services can help you prolong your roof’s service life with timely maintenance and roof repair in Cleveland, Ohio. We can also offer sound replacement if needed. Call us today at (866) 262-6115 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.