6 Decorating Themes and How to Make Them Work

Choosing a decorating theme for your home remodeling project can seem like a daunting prospect. With all the available choices, it’s easy to fall prey to option paralysis. But you can evoke most themes with just a few key pieces. Here are a few popular decoration styles and ideas on how to make them work.

6 Decorating Themes and How to Make Them Work

The Traditional Approach

The traditional theme comes from 18th-century French and English designs. Colors match country flowers, peach, pastels and light greens. Oil paintings, upholstered seats and carved wood are common. The room is symmetrical with tailored, trimmed and matching items.

The Bohemian Look

This style takes inspiration from hippie and Moroccan designs. It features rich colors, detailed fabrics, intricate embroidery and many patterns. It uses gauzy canopies, low beds, macramé, ottomans and pillows and cushions. It features natural goods, especially plants and flowers.

The Zen/Asian Approach

This theme takes inspiration from Asian countries and is a popular theme in new construction projects. It features clean lines and minimal decoration. Bamboo and water provide a natural, outdoor look. It uses bold accent colors like bright red, soft pinks, rich purples and gold. You must balance colors, textures and sizes.


This style relies more on neutral colors and minimalism. Silk and cotton are popular, as are lighter colors in wood and metal. Clean lines replace ruffles or other adornments. Bold color in pillows provide a more homey contrast.


This style is all about the natural environment. It uses wood with rough and raw edges, leather, cowhide and warm plaid flannel. Its color palette has natural, but darker tones. It also incorporates Hispanic or Native American influences.


This theme seems like a mishmash of styles, but you can make it look cohesive. Use pieces with similar colors that play off each other. Balance your items, like pairing a large overstuffed chair with a sleek and skinny lamp.

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