6 Key Elements of Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary design is a combination of elements that comprises a specific look and feel, and doesn’t follow a strict set of rules. A perfect example of this application is in bathroom design. As a general contractor that’s worked on several contemporary bathroom remodels, we can share a list of the key elements of contemporary design:

6 Key Elements of Contemporary Bathroom Design

  1. Clean Lines – Clean horizontal lines are a prominent element of contemporary design, and in bathrooms, this applies to the choice of bathtubs, cabinets and fixtures. Angular versions of typically round components like toilets may be uncommon, but they are not difficult to find.

  2. Natural Finishes – Materials in their authentic and natural finishes are preferred, like wood grain, unpainted stone or smoothed concrete. Paint is less often used, and for some homeowners this is preferable since it means less off-gassing. If you wish to add some protection to concrete floors and bare wood, protective acrylic coating is available.

  3. Colors – Choosing natural finishes doesn’t mean you have a limited color palette. Wood and concrete can be stained, while granite comes in different shades, which can be selected for consistency or variety, depending on your bathroom remodeling design.

  4. Less Ornamentation – Contemporary design is all about sleek, clean lines and less ornamentation. This means mouldings cornices, and trim should be as simple as possible, while tiles with solid colors or natural grain and texture are preferred over ones with ornate patterns.

  5. Contrast – You’ve probably seen how some bathroom designs work with all-white or monochromatic palettes. But for contemporary designs, depth and drama is achieved with contrast. A common example is the choice of dark wall tiles or trim against a light-colored ceiling. Textural contrast also works. Consider the juxtaposition of smooth concrete against natural bamboo cabinets.

  6. Simple Lighting – Simplicity is a running theme that extends to lighting. Natural lighting is an important element, which can be easily achieved with the right choice of windows. For evening lighting, choose non-ornate lighting fixtures. A contractor that can build custom windows, and that has a wide selection of lighting fixtures, can help with this requirement.

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