Best Vanity Solutions for Small Bathrooms

When designing a small bathroom, you need to consider where each element should be placed to avoid compromising the functionality of the vanity. 

Best Vanity Solutions for Small Bathrooms

To overcome your tiny bath’s design challenges, Tusing Builders and Roofing Services recommends the best vanity styles for your new construction project or remodel:

Cabinet-Style Vanity

This classic design offers generous storage opportunities to make up for the large floor space it occupies. It can feature built-in drawers and secret compartments to keep your essentials in order and out of sight.

To ensure your cabinet-style vanity can fit the little bathroom real estate you have, we suggest customizing its design. This way, its compact shape won’t leave any unused narrow spaces, and will add plenty of storage.

Pedestal Sink

The freestanding sink has been popular in home remodeling projects because of its ability to provide visual relief and adequate legroom. It can magically render a space-strapped bath roomy without sacrificing functionality if you have other means for storing items.

Console Sink

A cross between cabinet-style vanity and pedestal sink, the console sink allows open shelving at the bottom or a neat, built-in towel bar. It helps create an open vibe, making your space feel less cramped. This vanity solution is best for powder rooms where storage isn’t top of mind.

Floating Vanity

Like in commercial construction projects, wall-mounted vanities are a great element in home remodels. They’re interesting to look at and create an illusion of more space because of the sense of depth they lend to the bath. With a woodgrain finish, a floating vanity can look both traditional and contemporary at the same time.

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