Who is on your roofing team?

New Commercial Roof in Your Plans? Know Your Team.

The installation of a new commercial roof is a major project. Choosing the right roofing system for your building is important, as is understanding the responsibilities that each member of your project team has in making sure the project goes as smoothly as possible and that the new roof performs up to expectations. Here’s a brief summary of roles and responsibilities.

Contractor. Ultimately, the responsibility for the quality of the installation falls to the commercial roofer you choose. Commercial roofing systems vary by technology and manufacturer, as well as how they are installed. The contractor you choose should be well-versed with the roofing system being considered and be authorized to install it by that manufacturer. A competent roofer will also share the installation plan with you, which should include both pre-and post-job activities.

Manufacturer. You should have some basic knowledge about roofing system manufacturers. Most in the United States have been in business for decades and have systems in place to ensure product quality. But if product-specific issues arise, will a manufacturer’s representative be available? You should also understand the details of the product warranty and how it applies to your project. The manufacturer should also be able to tell you if there are other contractors in your area who can service your roof after installation if yours retires or leaves the roofing business.

Yourself. Because a new commercial roof installation is a big investment, it makes sense for you to be an active participant in the process. Before the project begins and depending on your company size and processes, you might include a purchasing manager or the head of finance. If the current roof is to be torn off, do you need to temporarily relocate staff or equipment underneath the work area? Keep in mind that roofing materials can be extremely heavy and awkward to maneuver. How will the contractor get them to the rooftop – via crane, freight elevator or other means? You or a member of your building management/maintenance team should regularly interact with the contractor to make sure that the project is on track.

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