Metal Buildings

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Tusing Builders & Roofing Services has been constructing pre-engineered metal buildings for our commercial clients since 1998. Our goal is exceeding our customers’ satisfaction in every metal building and business structure we build. Our family owned and operated business has the expertise you want for your commercial contracting needs. We are dedicated to equipping you with reliable and cost-effective commercial buildings that exceed your expectations without sacrificing product quality.

Advantages of Metal Structures

For decades, contractors have recognized metal as a building material with abundant preferred features. Initially, buildings constructed from metal had limited purposes, such as storage facilities and aircraft hangers. With evolving materials, developing techniques, and their significant benefits, metal buildings now meet a variety of objectives and are a preferred alternative for many commercial building types. For instance, metal buildings are exceptionally flexible for expansion and renovation due to the nature of their construction. Other advantages include:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Speed of construction
  • Variety of finished appearances
  • Virtually endless designs and applications
  • Significantly lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Lower initial development costs over traditional materials

At Tusing Builders & Roofing Services, our expertise in constructing any size metal building has contributed to the consistent growth in the evolving appreciation of their advantages.

Environmental Factors to Consider

Buildings constructed from metal are the most ecologically-friendly alternatives for many reasons. For instance, construction requires a limited amount of energy and has reduced environmental consequences. Additionally, during the life of a metal building, it will usually require fewer resources and less energy. Metal is completely recyclable when replacing a structure, which is of significant importance to conservationists.

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