Don’t Move, Remodel!

Don’t Move, Remodel!

Sometimes you need a change. When it suits your needs, buying a new property might the answer. However, moving requires lots of time, money and transportation. It can be a costly venture, and you’ll have to leave behind the home you love.

Don’t Move, Remodel!


As a general contractor, Tusing Builders and Roofing Services recommends a home remodel instead. Here’s why.

More Affordable

Moving is costly. You have to pay for the new home, transport your stuff and pay the movers. That’s all for one moving job, and you may not even like where you are headed as much in the long run. With a remodel, you can simply stay put and pay less for a place you’re familiar with.

Better Value

Moving to a new residence can be a gamble. Even if you like how it looks, there’s no assurance that you’ll stay there forever. This is even more problematic when you consider its value. Rather than risk a cheaper space, a remodel can raise the value of your home now. Make simple changes in roofing color or wallpaper, and you’re good to go.

The Neighborhood

Do you enjoy where your home is? Those who do shouldn’t consider leaving it. Not only does familiarity bring comfort, but it already answers your current needs. The location is ideal, your family might already be comfortable there and your neighbors are close friends. Don’t sacrifice all these when a simple aesthetic change can address your issues.

Specified Plans

Going to a new home means getting just what you paid for. Even if it doesn’t have everything you want, it’s what you’ve got. With a home remodeling project, you can modify the parts of an existing home that you aren’t satisfied with. By fixing these issues, you can make your home a better fit for your needs and wants.

Count on Tusing Builders and Roofing Services for your next home improvement project. We can change your kitchen, bathroom and other areas to fit your needs. To get started, call us today at (866) 262-6115. We help residents of Cleveland and Sandusky, Ohio.