Enjoy Energy Savings with Energy-Efficient Metal Roofing

With energy-efficient materials becoming more affordable, homeowners are looking into upgrading their home for better energy efficiency. With savings of up to 30% from modern windows alone, adding energy-efficient roofing enhances the increased potential in energy savings.

Metal Roofing

With cool metal roofing, you can expect more benefits. We are one of the few roofers in Cleveland, Ohio, who can offer this solid and attractive roofing solution, available in multiple colors and textures and fits all roofing profiles.

How Does It Work?

The basic idea behind energy efficiency is to keep the heat where it should be: inside during winter and outside during summer. This is achieved by a combination of features that minimize thermal transfer and filter harmful rays from visible sunlight. Minimized thermal transfer means minimal loads on your HVAC for lower energy bills. Your system could also last longer, which could result in more savings.

Benefits of Cool Metal Roofing

Roofing in Avon, Ohio, requires a different approach as it is constantly exposed to the sun, is opaque, and has a greater exposed area. You can ensure energy efficiency is achieved through the use of different finishes. Where a typical asphalt roof would absorb the heat from the sun and trap it in the attic, a metal roof would reflect it. A layer of specially designed paint or granular finish then re-emits up to 90% of the heat, keeping your attic much cooler. The finishes are typically light-colored and keep you cool by reflecting heat.

Metal roofs can be installed even on patios and garages. The need for roof repair in Cleveland Ohio is also less frequent, as well-built metal roofs are less susceptible to extreme weather.

Tusing Builders and Roofing Services offers Retro-fit and Simulated metal roof systems that come with distinct advantages. If you’d like to know more about what metal roofs can do for your home, call us today at (866) 584-2712.