Tusing Builders and Roofing Services: Expertise in Roofing and General Contracting

Your local expert general contractors and roofers!

At Tusing Builders and Roofing Services, we have taken great pride in being industry leaders for over 25 years. With unwavering commitment to excellence and an unrivaled history of superior craftsmanship, Tusing has long been recognized for being trailblazers within construction and roofing services in Ohio. Through a combination of roofing expertise, general contracting insights and construction management knowledge, Tusing is truly unique – offering Ohio building owners comprehensive building solutions at every turn.

Over two decades of experience has sharpened our roofing expertise. Ranging from classic pitched roofs to modern flat roofs and everything in between, our team of roofing experts bring extensive knowledge and practical experience to every project they work on – be it residential property management in Ohio, commercial complex management services or industrial facilities; each roof solution we create can be tailor-made to fit the exact requirements of every structure in Ohio.

Success in roofing lies with us being at the cutting-edge of industry advancements. By staying current on industry developments and adopting cutting-edge technologies, like Green or live roofs, our Ohio clients benefit from our expertise.

Beyond Roofing, General Contracting Experience:

What truly sets us apart isn’t just our experience as roofing specialists but our dual role as general contractors for Ohio building owners over 25 years – understanding every element from foundation to roof!

Our experienced team of project professionals utilize their broad-based expertise to facilitate seamless project coordination throughout various construction stages. Their unique perspective allows them to anticipate potential obstacles and tackle them head on, producing efficient project timelines with cost-efficient solutions.

Integral Solutions for Every Project:

With 25 years of experience, our ability to integrate roofing and general contracting services translates to holistic solutions for your projects – be they roof repairs, replacement, or ground up construction – making the construction process less daunting for clients while guaranteeing unsurpassed levels of quality and precision that cannot be found elsewhere in the industry. We work with industry leaders like Duro-Last and more to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Client-Centric Approach:

At the core of our success lies our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. For 25 years, Ohio building owners have trusted us with their projects because we prioritize open communication, transparent processes, and a collaborative mindset. Every project and client are different; and we know they require individual consideration and tailored strategies from us.

Tusing Builders and Roofing Services stands out in an otherwise mundane market as a beacon of excellence. Our 25 years of combined roofing and general contracting expertise create a powerful synergy which elevates our services, with commitments to stay ahead of industry trends coupled with client-centered approaches making us Ohio building owners’ go-to choice when seeking superior construction solutions. When you choose Tusing, it’s not just getting a roof over your head; rather you are investing in an unparalleled legacy of craftsmanship and expertise that transcends everyday limitations.