How Design/Build Construction Helps Streamline Your Project

The design/build approach to construction is one of the many methodologies used in building and home remodeling in Cleveland, Ohio. Knowing how this method works can help you make informed decisions that ultimately result in savings and reduce stress.

Streamline Your Project

What is Design/Build Construction?

Until the late 1970s, homeowners had to hire architects and contractors separately it they were to have a new house or a remodeling project done. Architects were then prohibited by the American Institute of Architects from providing construction services until the restriction was lifted. Today, architects can work directly with contractors, streamlining the blueprint-to-construction process. This new approach keeps the responsibility for both design and build in the contractor’s hands.

What Are the Benefits?

Design/Build has several benefits over other methods used in residential and commercial construction in Cleveland, Ohio, including:

  1. Timeliness – With both design and build done under one umbrella, contractors like Tusing BUilders and Roofing Services can finish projects faster. We can give homeowners or clients installation dates sooner, with lesser chances of the project getting sidetracked.

  2. Accuracy – We can choose the exact materials as early as the design stage according to your needs. This results in accurate design-to-build translation and less chances of delays caused by material availability issues.

  3. Easier communication – Design/Build construction centralizes the point-of-contact. Both contractor and client can easily communicate with each other, resulting in expeditious decisions, ideas, and amendments without risking important details getting lost in translation.

  4. Less conflict – A process that goes through several departments or teams tend to cause conflicts when you need to make crucial decisions. By streamlining the process to only a few key persons, conflicting decisions are easily resolved.

The success of a design/build project depends on having well-defined scope of work and responsibilities and knowledgeable key personnel who can make quick decisions. You should also have a cohesive and experienced team, like Tusing Builders and Roofing Services. We specialize in remodeling and new construction in Avon, Ohio, and use the design/build approach to build your dream home. We can help you build functional baths and kitchens and freshen up your home with additions.

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