Inspiring Island Design Ideas to Redefine Your Kitchen

Kitchen trends come and go, but the appeal of islands has stood the test of time. To get you inspired for your remodel, Tusing Builders and Roofing Services shares some fantastic island design ideas you should consider:

Inspiring Island Design Ideas to Redefine Your Kitchen

Rustic Meets Sleek

The fusion of a woodgrain base and a stone countertop can lend warmth to your contemporary kitchen or a modern touch to a traditional design. Don’t worry about having multiple wood stains in the kitchen because they can bring more dimension to your space. An experienced general contractor can guide you with color selection, ensuring everything is coordinated together beautifully.

Double Down

If you and your kids love to cook, two islands are better than one. It allows everyone to have adequate countertop space for working without literally bumping elbows with each other. With enough clearance, two short islands can function efficiently like a single, extra-long one.

Wall-Hugging Peninsula

In kitchen remodeling, tucking an L-shaped island in the corner takes functionality to new heights. Its design intrinsically provides more countertop space, keeps the walkways open, and gives you a lot of room when prepping meals.

An Islet

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be without an island. The recommended size for a fixed island is 40×40 inches. It may seem miniscule, but it can become an industrious workstation when you integrate appliances. A multifunctional “islet” can house two stools under a hinged overhang, keep items out of sight with built-in, base storage, and feature an induction cooktop. Copy the look of your cabinetry to make it feel like an extension of the rest of the kitchen.

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