Remodeling Projects that Improve Your Home’s Comfort

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s comfort levels this season, investing in an upgrade can be an excellent idea. This will involve hiring a reliable home improvement company like Tusing Builders and Roofing Services for the job. We are not just your expert in commercial construction in Cleveland, Ohio; you can also count on us for your home remodeling needs. Here are some of the exceptional services that can help you improve your home’s comfort.

Remodeling Projects

Roof Replacement

You probably already know the large role your roofing system plays in keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient. That’s why if it’s already old and failing, the better and longer-lasting solution is roof replacement. As a GAF® Master Elite™ roofing contractor, Tusing Builders and Roofing Services can help you with this project. We carry only the highest-quality shingles from GAF.

Our roof replacement service includes all the essential components that make up a complete roof, including vapor barriers, roof deck protection, and attic ventilation. Together, they help your roof keep your home thermally comfortable, dry, and damage-free.

Siding Replacement

Aside from new construction in Avon, Ohio, we also offer siding upgrades to your current home. Our expert technicians can wrap your home with lovely and durable siding that protects it from moisture, impact damage, and rot. This ensures that your home remains free from the potential risks of mold and poor indoor air quality.

Window Replacement

Tusing Builders and Roofing Services carries high-performance windows from Thermal Industries. They use durable vinyl framing material that offers great insulating properties. In fact, it keeps an airtight seal that prevents air infiltration and significant energy loss. Combined with their Peak Performance™ glass technology, these windows offer a proven solution to solar heat transfer. They can keep your home cooler in summer months and warmer in winter. Specially designed and energy-efficient Thermal windows suit any climate zone, ensuring improved comfort and increased energy savings.

For projects that help maximize your home’s comfort, turn to Tusing Builders and Roofing Services, your expert in home remodeling in Cleveland, Ohio. With our range of services and professional team, we ensure a safe and worry-free process.

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