Green or Live Roofing is an option over warranted roof systems. Live Roofs decrease water shed, reduce heat absorption, protect membrane from harmful UV Rays and can make a rooftop a show piece more pleasing to the eye.


Use_ Skylights Skylights2

Skylights are an option for nearly any roof system. Custom Units can be made to fit existing curbs or can be entirely new and supportive. Prismatic lenses provide excellent light transmission and amazing distribution. They can actually replace electric lighting and show dramatic improvement in work performance.


Designs Roof Designs

Single-ply heat-welded membranes provide alternatives to the tradition roofing applications. With the availability of the Shingle-Ply, ribbed and Rock-Ply applications, the use of asphalt shingles, standing seam metal and ballasted roofs becomes obsolete.


Single-ply heat-welded membranes come in variety of colors (some colors require minimum order amounts).


Commercial roofing insulation can provide tremendous R-Value that will allow your building to maintain its temperature longer thus decreasing the strain on your hvac equipment and reducing your utility costs. Our preference at Tusing Roofing Services is to utilize “closed-cell” insulations which do not absorb moisture as fast or at all, allowing for the reuse of the insulation when it is time for a new roof system.

Wind & Solar

wind solar wind solar2

New commercial roof applications make great opportunities for building owners to utilize their rooftop space by adding turbines or solar panels while still attaining manufacturer’s warranted roof systems. By maximizing the usefulness of their facility, building owners can reap the rewards of reduced utility costs from the energy provided by Mother Nature.