Commercial Roofing and Winter

Certainly, you don’t need a reminder that Winter officially arrives in Ohio in less than 6 weeks.

  • Do you KNOW what condition your roof is currently in?
  • When was the last time you performed an inspection?
  • Is your roof winter ready?
  • Do you have projects that got pushed off and need to be completed?

Winter exacerbates ANY current roof issue.

Gutters & Downspouts – Having a blockage of your drainage system can cause several issues. First, if water can’t properly drain, it could cause water to overflow onto nearby surfaces. This could increase the chance of slip and falls. Second, ice buildup is heavy on any drainage system. The weight of the ice can damage the building and will cause it to start pulling away from the roof. The third issue is icicle formation, which is hazardous for anyone walking below.

Condensation – Even the best-insulated roofs can experience condensation issues.  Any excess water on the roof can cause problems. As a result, mold, mildew, and structural damage can occur.  Inspecting all seams, drains, and ventilation is key.

Ohio Wind – Strong, gusty winds are not uncommon during the Fall and Winter months in Ohio. Inspecting your metal edge detail would be key to reducing the chances of the wind getting under the roof system and lifting it up.

Skylights – Once again, a buildup of snow and ice can be very detrimental to your daylighting systems.  If water penetrates the skylights or pools around the opening, it can damage your structure and the drywall.

Rooftop Stress – It seems that every year we hear a news story about a roof collapsing during the winter months. It seems extreme. It is one of those occurrences that you think will never happen to you. The roofs can only withstand so much weight. We’ll continue to encourage you to partake in routine roof maintenance.


We know there is a lot on your plate.  Don’t let the roof fall to the wayside. It has so much potential to stop your business in its tracks if not cared for properly.  Let us take care of your roofing needs for you.

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