Winter Commercial Roof and Facility Maintenance

It’s the rainy/snowy season in Ohio, and that might mean that your commercial roof is more susceptible to leaks than at other times of the year.

However, moisture inside your building may not be due to a roof problem. Commercial facilities are complicated assemblies of multiple components and systems that operate together to provide building-wide structural integrity. And you should have a maintenance plan in place to check periodically that everything is operating properly.

So, when an area is damp that shouldn’t be, something is amiss and needs to be addressed. It could be a roof leak issue, but you’ll also want to look at other possibilities.

HVAC units operate by removing heat and humidity from the air, but when that unit doesn’t drain well or isn’t insulated properly, moisture can seep into the building. It’s a rooftop phenomenon, but not a roof problem. Also, warm moist air rises inside a building to the ceiling, and if that ceiling isn’t insulated sufficiently, water can condense against the cooler underside surface of the roof and drop to the floor. This is mostly a cold weather problem. Another indicator of moisture is the white or gray material that can appear on cinderblock and similar surfaces. It happens when minerals in that block migrate to the surface because of humidity and composition factors. This may or may not be a problem, but it’s not due to issues with the roof system.

Regardless of the source of the moisture, make sure that you take steps to ensure the safety of workers and visitors. Some flooring materials are potentially more dangerous than others, including vinyl composition rolls or tile. If there is water on the floor, make sure you have signage posted to alert building occupants of a possible hazard.

Of course, your internal dampness issue may indeed be the result of a roof leak, in which case you should call in a professional commercial roofing contractor to evaluate the situation. At Tusing Builders & Roofing Services, we invite you to contact us to inspect your roof to find and repair any problems.  We service all of northeastern Ohio and northcentral Ohio. If your commercial roofing system is in need of replacement, we would be glad to explore new roofing options with you.