Don’t Go Cheap When It Comes to Your Commercial Roof

Obviously, saving money is important for any organization, but when you try to get too thrifty with respect to installing and caring for your commercial roof, it can backfire. Here are three areas where you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to your roofing system.

Using the Wrong Contractor

Although the material you choose is important, the initial installation quality and long-term effectiveness of your commercial roof usually comes down to contractor workmanship. Residential roofers that occasionally install or repair flat roofing systems will probably not have the background, product experience, commercial roof knowledge, equipment, or manufacturers’ authorization to do a worry-free installation. Your commercial roof is a big investment. Make sure the contractor you’re paying is an experienced, professional commercial roofer.

Neglecting Inspections

It’s rare for homeowners to have their roofs inspected. But that’s not a wise approach for your commercial roof because its size and complexity along with the impact of weather, falling debris, and human traffic can be damaging. Without regularly looking, you’re opening the door for small problems to become big costly ones. Your commercial roof should be inspected twice a year at a minimum, and after any weather event that could impact the integrity of your roof. Even if you don’t hire a professional inspector, you should visit your commercial roof regularly to make sure everything is in order. At a minimum, make sure that your drainage system is flowing freely, and that roof seams and metal components are secure and watertight. Your own low-cost assessment could prevent high-cost repairs.

Not Managing Roof Traffic and its Aftermath

It’s not unusual for there to be occasional foot traffic on your rooftop to maintain your HVAC systems, run cables, clear debris, or do other “non-roofing” jobs. These activities can lead to roof damage because seemingly harmless events such as a technician dropping a tool or losing a metal fastener can cause damage that you may not discover until that worker is long gone. The easiest solution is to install low-cost, compatible walk pads on logical pathways across your rooftop and around penetrations. These will protect the roof surface from this necessary foot traffic. You might also consider having a roofing contractor present when work is being done to ensure no damage has been caused; if you miss something, it could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Of course, it goes without saying that your operational policy should include restricting rooftop access to necessary personnel only.

Tusing Builders & Roofing Services is your go-to commercial roofer that can help make sure your roofing investment is installed properly and that it will continue to retain its watertight integrity. We look forward to working with you on your next roofing project.