Leaks, Lawsuits & More: Hidden Costs of Commercial Roof Problems

If your commercial roof is doing its job – protecting your facility from Mother Nature – congratulations. Other building owners and managers aren’t so lucky. According to some estimates, up to 75% of new roofs experience leaks within five years of installation. Perhaps more sobering is the fact that although the initial cost of a new roof is less than 10% of a building’s total construction cost, as much as 70% of construction litigation is related to the roof, and a lot of that is related to damage from leaks.

The point is that roofs can and do fail. Even if it is not a massive problem (for example, large sections of deck membrane missing), a small leak can create big problems in several ways. Here’s how.

As mentioned, leaks can lead to lawsuits. Water on hard facility surfaces (such as concrete and vinyl composition flooring) creates conditions that are ripe for slips and falls, which are common grounds for lawsuits as well as worker compensation claims for employees.

Another hidden (literally) consequence of a leaky roof is the development of mold. When moisture seeps in from the rooftop, it can find its way to virtually anywhere in the building. Wet insulation is a prime place for mold to develop, and it thrives in warm, moist environments, like what may be present above ceilings and behind walls. Mold mitigation expenses can add up, not to mention the costs of code violations and disruptions to business operations – not only to get rid of the mold but also if employees become sick and miss work.

Wet insulation also leads to another cost issue: higher utility expenses. Insulation is installed at the rooftop to help keep the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When moisture seeps into insulation through leaks, even small ones, it loses its insulating ability and you’re likely to see an increase in your energy costs.

These are just a few potentially expensive consequences of what may seem like a minor leak problem. Although there is a cost to finding and repairing commercial roof leaks, it’s small compared with the cost of these other situations. Make it a priority to add rooftop maintenance to your building management budget.

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