An investment in your property.

Once the roof has been evaluated and its been determined that the roof has reached the end of its life cycle, beginning the purchase process of a new roof system begins. It can be overwhelming, but Tusing Builders & Roofing Systems will help make it easier!

Roof systems are an investment in your property.  We’ve gathered a few main points to consider before signing a contract.  Tusing Builders would be happy to help you work through this list. We can put together a Life Cycle Cost Analysis, just reach out to us today!

1. Installation
– Roof product cost
– Installation costs (labor & overhead)
– Tear-off costs (if required)
– Disposal costs
– Building disruption costs

2. Long-Term Durability
– Regular maintenance costs (over 20 years)
– Roof replacement costs, if life expectancy is less than 20 years

3. Repairs
– Roof repair costs (estimated over 20 years)
– Interior damage repairs (estimated over 20 years)

4. Energy Savings
– Estimated energy savings (over 20 years)
– Energy rebates/incentives

5. Warranty
– Cost for 15-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty
– What does it truly cover?
–  What is required to maintain the warranty?

We know, it looks like a lot to think about but they are all very important areas to carefully consider. If you would like help sorting out the details, please reach out to us today (866) 584-2712.