The Cost of Deferring Rooftop Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Budget concerns are a daily challenge for every commercial building owner and managers. Roof maintenance and repairs should certainly be in the budget conversation, as the roof is a critical building component. Here are a few reasons why delaying roof maintenance projects may not be in your best interest.

Increased Liability Risk. When your commercial roof is neglected, it can also put your workers and visitors at risk. For example, a roof leak can make floors hazardous. Unseen moisture in the walls creates an ideal environment for mold to develop, which can create health issues. Both of these situations can lead to worker compensation claims or liability lawsuits.

Equipment Vulnerability. Regardless of the type of facility your own or manage, you’ve certainly made an investment in furniture, computers, production equipment and/or inventory. Damage to any of those could be costly. It’s important to know that, when there’s a roof leak, the penetrating water can run anywhere within the building structure before it appears. That means that your investment in those assets is at risk if they get wet. Repairing or replacing the damaged items will be expensive and disruptive.

Cheap Repairs Now vs. Expensive Replacements Later. Finding room in the budget for routine inspections, maintenance and repairs is probably more cost-effective than leaving those “minor” issues to become big ones later. Valuable building contents and structural components are vulnerable to water damage – and several times more costly to deal with than a small leak repair.

Productivity Loss and Tenant Departures. It’s important to maintain a clean, safe and aesthetic workspace for employees and, if you rent space to other businesses, tenants. An uncomfortable or even hazardous work environment (think water on the floor or mold in the drywall) can lead the way to dissatisfied and non-productive employees and the departure of tenants. Also, consider that a serious roof leak may require you to temporarily relocate some of your building operations – affecting your bottom line.

There can be serious cost consequences in overlooking periodic inspections or postponing maintenance and repairs. The more regularly you deal with current issues, the less time, expense, and disruption it will cost you overall. If your commercial roof needs attention, give the pros at Tusing Builders and Roofing Services a call today.