Cool Roof Ratings Council – The New Roofing Products Standard

Have you heard of the Cool Roof Ratings Council? As a commercial building owner, you understand the importance of carefully selecting a roofing system based on performance attributes and considering the building’s design, intended use, location, and climatic conditions. Up until June of 2022, the ENERGY STAR certification program for roofing products was the gold standard for selecting an energy-efficient roof.  Due to improvements in ANSI/CRRC S100 standards and commercial building codes, it was officially phased out on June 1, 2022.  You may still occasionally see roofing products with the ENERGY STAR logo, but there are no new product certifications after that date.

So, now that the Energy Star label has been retired, what is the new standard for energy-efficient roof systems? This is where the Cool Roof Ratings Council (CRRC) and their CRRC-1 Program comes into play. The CRRC, in existence since 2002, is an independent organization that verifies specific solar reflectance, thermal emittance, and/or solar reflectance index (SRI) values for roofing systems and then makes this information publicly available. The CRRC offers product ratings for companies interested in having their roofing products listed and labeled, and any roofing product can be rated as long as it is in compliance with the CRRC-1 Product Rating Program Manual.

After initial testing of a roofing product sample, the sample is sent to a CRRC Approved Test Farm where it is exposed to outdoor weathering for three years. Outdoor exposure occurs at CRRC Approved Test Farms in three designated locations in the United States that collectively represent the average U.S. climate: Arizona (hot/dry), Ohio (cold/temperate), and Florida (hot/humid).  After three years of field exposure, the weathered specimens are sent back for aged testing. At the end of this process, the roof product is listed on the Rated Roof Products Directory. It’s important to note that placement on the directory does not mean that the roofing system is “cool”, just that it has gone through the rating process.

CRRC-1 ratings range from 0 to 1, with 1 being the most reflective or emissive. The ratings inform on how efficient the product is at reducing building energy use, increasing occupant comfort, and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Over 3,000 roofing products are published online in the CRRC Rated Roof Products Directory.

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What’s the Best Commercial Roof System for Your Building?

Building owners and facility managers have many options when it comes to determining the right commercial roofing system for a project. You should be confident that your roofing investment is the best long-term decision for your facility, and to that end, here are some areas you should consider when it comes to selecting a new roofing system.

Commercial roofing systems can often appear to be pretty much the same. But there are important differences that can affect a roof’s performance and ability to deliver long-term watertight protection. Some products have been around for decades and have a proven history of long-term success; others have come on the market more recently and have less of a track record; some of these products continue to undergo chemical reformulations that can affect the compatibility of patches and additions in the future.

The roofing system should be selected and designed to meet the watertight needs of your specific facility. There clearly are differences between low-sloped and steep-sloped roofs; decks made of concrete, structural standing seam metal or another material; new construction or roof retrofits; roofs with wide expanses and roofs with lots of penetrations; and more. Trends in recent years include the addition of solar or vegetative systems, and the underlying roofing system must be able to accommodate the unique needs of these applications.

Aside from the design and construction of the building, there are factors with respect to the rooftop environment. If there are HVAC units on the roof, they will need periodic maintenance and your new roof must be able to handle technician traffic. Environmental considerations also include temperature extremes that cause roofing components to expand and contract. In these cases, the roofing system needs to be flexible and able to move as necessary without losing functionality. Reflectivity is also an environment-driven attribute. Even in northern climates, reflective roof systems have lowered energy costs significantly by keeping buildings cooler and reducing HVAC loads in the summertime.

The long-term success of any roofing system ultimately falls on the installing roofing contractor, who should be trained and authorized by the manufacturer to install the manufacturer’s products correctly and provide any needed support after the installation. At Tusing Builders & Roofing Services, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and integrity. Please contact us to learn about what we can do for you.


With the substantial number roof systems and types of roofing profiles, Tusing Builders & Roofing Services offers many individualized solutions.

Why say we offer ‘solutions’ as opposed to ‘roof systems’ in this case?

If you have a roof system that is failing, whether that’s because it’s at the end of its life cycle, or the roof was damaged due any number of reasons, then that roof is causing problems.

Problems need solutions.

That is where Tusing Builders & Roofing Services comes in. We don’t simply have just one magical solution that solves all roof problems, no matter the roof system or profile.

You know that’s not how it works.

Instead, we have spent the last 20 years perfecting our craft. That starts by carefully choosing the material and the manufacturers that we use. We have chosen the ones that are leaders in their respective industry. We knew from the start that our company would go the distance in time and success and therefore we needed products that would do the same.


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