The Benefits of a Well-Ventilated Attic Space

When it comes to attic spaces, there’s one thing you need to remember: ventilation is essential. Every reputable roofing expert will tell you that without proper ventilation, you run the risk of shortening your roof’s service life.

Here’s a look at the benefits of a well-ventilated attic.

Moisture Reduction

Excessive moisture in your home spells one thing: trouble. Too much moisture buildup in attic spaces increases the likelihood of structural damage and roof system degradation. In addition, it can also cause mold growth, the cause of various respiratory ailments that can plague your household.

Energy Savings

Unchecked heat buildup in the attic space comes at a cost. Often, it shows in your utility bills. Most remodeling experts agree that heat causes your air conditioning system to work extra hard to cool your home down. This is especially true with the living space beneath your attic.

Damage Prevention

The heat in attic spaces has an adverse effect on roof shingles, aging them prematurely. This happens when heat bakes them from the inside out. This is why a majority of shingle manufacturers highly recommend proper attic ventilation for homes with asphalt shingle installations.

Fair warning: proper ventilation does not necessarily mean increased ventilation. It’s important to strike a proper balance. Too much ventilation can be just as harmful to your home as too little. Make sure to consult a trusted general contractor about optimum ventilation levels for your roofing system.

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