The Benefits of Roof Coatings

Although roof coatings are not a cure-all, they have gained more attention due to stricter building codes, environmental issues and bottom-line considerations. These maintenance items have also opened up opportunities to repair systems while minimizing their impact on the environment. One of the leading and most trusted roofers in your local area explains the advantages of roof coats.

The Benefits of Roof Coatings

Extended Roof Life

Your roof’s constant exposure to harsh elements can take a toll on its performance. It can also deteriorate earlier than expected without the maintenance to keep the system in good shape. To this end, your contractor can make necessary repairs to preserve your roof before applying the coatings. The reflective coats can help slow down the effects of UV rays and reduce rooftop temperature.

Enhanced Aesthetics

It’s difficult to ignore your roof since it’s the largest part of your house. It has to stay in good condition just like the other components of the structure. When you notice the first signs of roof aging, such as chipping and fading finishes, get your contractor to check the system before the issues compromise curb appeal or cause further damage.

Applying newer-generation coatings containing Kynar pigments can make your roof more pleasing to the eye. These colorings can restore your roofing system’s pristine look, possibly increasing property value. Don’t let your peeling roof affect the appearance of your exterior.

Energy Efficiency

Roof coats have reflective and emissive properties that can drive down your energy bills. These features reduce roof temperatures and can keep the indoor space more comfortable even with less cooling. Your HVAC system won’t have to work double time, minimizing energy consumption.

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