The Best Roofing Materials for Each Climate

The Best Roofing Materials for Each Climate

When it comes to roofing materials, there’s now a wide selection of types to choose from. These include the ever popular wood and asphalt to more premium materials such as tile, slate and metal. What most homeowners don’t know is that some of these roofing materials excel in certain climates.


The Best Roofing Materials for Each Climate

In this post, Tusing Builders and Roofing takes a look at some of the most common roofing materials and which climate they are best installed in.

Asphalt Shingles

This is the most commonly used roofing material as it has excellent resistance to all kinds of weather. That said, you have to look at them as an all-around kind of material; they can resist heat and rain quite well, but extreme weather conditions can cause them to fade and chip faster.

This material is a great remodeling choice for temperate climates that experience moderate heat and rain, with the occasional storm and other extreme weather events.


Often considered as the direct upgrade to both wood and asphalt, this roofing material boasts excellent durability and a longer life span, often surpassing its average service life of 60 years. What makes it the direct upgrade to asphalt is that it’s often specifically manufactured to deal with weather extremes.

Metal roofs are also great choices for those that experience longer winter climates as the material sheds snow easier.

The only downside to metal is that it can get dented, which makes it slightly susceptible to wind damage. That said, dents on metal roofs are easy to repair and often just require denting it back to its original shape. More modern metal roofs are often dent-proof too.

Slate & Tile

These two premium materials have similar properties, with slate being the more sustainable and tile having more aesthetic appeal. These roofs thrive in hot climates as they absorb heat while still keeping the interior cool. Since these two are among the heaviest materials available, they don’t do well in colder climates as the packed snow makes them even heavier.

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