Top Remodeling Ideas for Your Unused Garage

If you haven’t been using your garage, you should consider converting it to something useful for your next home remodeling project. Here are some of our recommendations on how to transform your garage.


Top Remodeling Ideas for Your Unused Garage

Art Studio – Artists, especially those who primarily use paint as a medium, need a large workspace where they can let their talents flourish without worrying about leaving paint and ink stains everywhere. A well-lit interior is essential to an art studio, so skylights and an array of fluorescent or LED lighting are important. You will need insulated walls and garage doors if you intend to store art pieces to make sure they don’t deteriorate.

Band Rehearsal Space – If you have a budding musician in the family but don’t want to disrupt the neighbors, converting the garage to a proper rehearsal space is exactly what you need. The key to soundproofing is proper insulation: this means the garage wall should have a layer of foam insulation or an air gap to minimize vibrations. Dual panel windows also help, as well as cork wall tiles in the interior.

Home Gym – If the nearest gym takes a significant amount of drive time, why not build your own? A one-car garage can fit the gym equipment essentials, as well as have space for future additions. Our design team has experience with residential and commercial construction equipment, and can help you with getting the right balance of design and functionality, so that working out at your garage gym will feel like you’re at your favorite gym.

Drive-In Theater – If you’ve always wanted to recreate that cozy feeling of watching movies at the drive-in, you can have a custom cabinet built at the rear wall of the garage that houses a large TV and a home theater system. You can even install a projector system, and with small wireless speakers, you can recreate the sound of drive-in speakers without all the wiring hassle.

Extended Living Area – If you need to extend your living space, you can have your garage converted to another room, perhaps a den or a dining room. If you want to keep the garage space for what it’s intended for, consider extending the top of the garage for an additional bedroom.

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