25 Years of Excellence: Tusing Builders’ Approach to Industrial Roof Repair

Industrial roofs are essential for protecting buildings and their occupants from the elements, but they also face various challenges that require regular inspection and maintenance. Some of these include the dreaded leak, ponding, cracking and inclement weather. It is critical to address any issues with industrial roofs promptly and effectively, before they escalate into bigger problems that can compromise the safety and functionality of your building. However, not all roofing contractors are capable of providing reliable and professional roof repair services, especially for complex and demanding industrial projects. That’s why building owners and managers need to choose a trusted contractor that can handle any industrial roof repair challenge with expertise and efficiency. At Tusing Builders, we’ve been serving Ohio since 1998, and will be with you every step of the way through your industrial roof repair


Leaks and their impact

One of the most common and serious industrial roof issues is leaks, which can have a negative impact on the building’s structure, operations, and safety. Leaks can result from punctures, cracks, poor flashing or drainage systems or inadequate drainage allowing water to penetrate roof layers causing deterioration, corrosion, mold, and rot. Leaks can also damage the insulation, electrical systems, equipment, and even the inventory inside the building. Not to mention, leaks can pose a health and fire hazard for your employees and customers, as well as increasing your energy costs and liability risks.


Ponding water risks

Another common industrial roof issue is ponding water,  or standing water on flat or low-sloping surfaces, often caused by clogged drains, poor design, or structural issues. Ponding can increase stress on a roof leading to sagging, cracking or collapse as it adds weight and stress, as well as adding to the aging and deterioration of the roof membrane, making it more susceptible to leaks, tears, and UV damage. Ponding water can also attract insects, algae, and debris, which can further compromise the roof’s integrity and appearance. Don’t let ponding cause problems for you or your business!


Blistering and cracking concerns

Blistering and cracking are both frequent industrial roof problems that can compromise performance, lifespan, aesthetics and energy efficiency of roofs. Blistering occurs when air or moisture gets trapped between layers, creating bubbles or bumps on its surface. Blistering can reduce the roof’s strength and resistance to weather and fire. Cracking occurs when the roof membrane or coating develops splits or fissures due to thermal expansion, contraction, or stress. Cracking can expose the underlying layers to water and dirt, causing leaks and deterioration. Blistering and cracking can also affect the roof’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. 


Weather events and potential damage

Extreme weather events such as rain, wind, hail, snow, ice, heat and UV rays are a significant source of industrial roof issues. Bad weather can cause physical damage, such as dents, tears, punctures, or holes, which can allow water and debris to enter the roof. Extreme weather can also cause thermal damage, such as warping, shrinking, or cracking, which can affect the roof’s flexibility and seal, or chemical damage, such as oxidation and corrosion, which can affect the roof’s durability and appearance. We all know how damaging Ohio weather can be, especially in the winter, but you can prevent problems by being proactive!


Always Call a Professional

When it comes to industrial roofing issues, hiring a professional roofing contractor is essential. Professional roofers offer comprehensive roof assessments by experienced experts who can identify the causes and extent of damage as well as offer suitable solutions tailored specifically to your roof type and situation. At Tusing Builders we have years of experience in addressing industrial roof challenges, such as weatherproofing, insulation, drainage, and maintenance. By hiring a professional roofer, you can save time, money, and hassle, and ensure the protection and longevity of your industrial roof.


Tusing Builders: The Trusted Name in Monroeville, OH

Since 1998, Tusing Builders has been providing trusted general contracting and roofing services in Ohio’s Monroeville community and nearby locations. Jason Tusing’s passion for building and working with his hands led to the formation of this company, which quickly earned a name for excellence, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Tusing Builders is committed to quality, affordability, and honesty, using only high-grade materials, proper techniques, and experienced contractors for every project. 


Industrial roof issues can have serious consequences for the structure, operation, and safety of any building. Whether your industrial roof need repair, restoration, or replacement, you can trust Tusing. With over 25 years of experience in roofing, we can handle any challenge with expertise and efficiency!


Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized solution when you need industrial roof repair. By choosing Tusing Builders, you can ensure the protection and longevity of your industrial roof!