Why Greater Ohio Trusts Us for New Home Construction

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your dream home built from the ground up.  If you’re looking for a reliable general contractor to build your dream home, you can trust Tusing Builders and Roofing Services. As the reliable name in new construction in Avon, Ohio, here’s what you can expect from us:

New Home Construction

Personalizing Your Home’s Design

Our ultimate goal is to make your home as uniquely yours as possible. We’ll customize your floor plan based on your functional and aesthetic requirements. Regardless of the land size, our team will find a way to overcome space constraints to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

We offer you an extensive selection of materials and products. From roofing to flooring, we have a huge array of solutions to design your new home your way to the last detail.

Putting a Premium on Efficiency

We’ve made a name for ourselves in efficient residential and commercial construction in Cleveland, Ohio. Our team is proficient at passive design to make your home comfortable and energy-efficient. We’ll thoughtfully plan the layout of your home while considering the elements, including the wind and sunlight. This way, we can reduce your cooling and heating needs through proper window and door placement. We’ll orient your doors and windows strategically to cool, heat, light, and ventilate your home naturally. By making your property’s structure and fixtures work together, your home would be a healthy and comfortable place.

Ensuring Low Maintenance

At Tusing Builders and Roofing Services, we’ll make sure your home would demand less care and attention to remain beautiful and functional. Our design team will choose modern solutions that don’t require much upkeep and spare you from taxing maintenance tasks.

Apart from your convenience, your brand-new property wouldn’t call for upgrades after just a few years. We’ll make it last long without needing strenuous effort and costly expenses on your part.

The conception of your dream home begins today. Let Tusing Builders and Roofing Services help you with your home remodeling in Cleveland, Ohio. Call us today at (866) 584-2712, and let’s get your project started.