Why Modified Bitumen is the Superior Flat-Roofing Solution

Modified bitumen roofing was developed in Europe during the 1960s as an alternative to the messy (and smelly) built-up roofing (BUR). Despite the emergence of thermoplastics, such as PVC and TPO, it remained a popular choice for 21st-century flat roofs because of its winning benefits, including:

Why Modified Bitumen is the Superior Flat-Roofing Solution


Its notable advantage over BUR is ease of installation. Modified bitumen roofing systems are less complicated to apply, minimizing labor and the chances of workmanship error. But you need specialist roofers, like Tusing Builders and Roofing Services, to ensure flawless work. Its application techniques may involve an open flame or torch, requiring special safety considerations and high-level skills. If you hire an unqualified company, bad installation can result in improper, overlapping joint adhesion, and may cause leakage.

Virtually Seamless

A modified bitumen roofing system’s layers comprise wide overlapping rolls, forming a practically seamless area. Faultless installation significantly minimizes leaks.


Compared to single-ply membranes, modified bitumen roofing systems are impervious to sharp objects and collisions. They share BUR’s proven performance, protecting your low-slope roof against the elements and worker-caused harm.


Its exceptional durability ensures longevity with minimal maintenance. Surfaced or not, it can withstand the rigors of nature without easily sustaining damage.


Any modified bitumen roofing system is recyclable. At the end of its service life, expect it not to end up in a landfill but rather help fuel the growing recycling industry. Considering light-colored modified bitumen has high solar reflectance to cut heat transfer by 50%, it’s certainly a multidimensional and green flat-roofing option.

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